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At Web Obsessed (SEO Company Melbourne), we pride ourselves on being one of Melbourne’s best SEO Services companies measured in terms of return on investment realised by our clients.

The SEO and Internet Marketing landscape is full of gimmicks, shinny objects and endless ways to take your money – how do you know what works?

We use our decades of experience in the industry to push your business in the right direction. We know what you need and more importantly when you need it to generate profitable and sustainable enquiries, sales and ROI online.

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Although most business owners are aware of just how important it is to have a positive and reliable online presence, several of them simply don’t have the time or are not experienced enough to make this happen on their own. However, thanks to our team here at SEO Company Melbourne, owners of large and small businesses can approach us to fulfill all of their digital marketing, SEO and inbound marketing requirements.

As a business owner, you may have heard the terms “SEO,” “inbound marketing,” or even “digital marketing,” but you might not have any idea what any of it means. This could be costing you thousands of dollars per year in lost revenue because of the fact that more and more people are now relying on results found in online searches when looking for businesses to support.

Don’t leave your online marketing, SEO and digital marketing needs to chance and hope that people will ‘somehow’ discover your business and start supporting you. Instead, entrusting our qualified and experienced team with these tasks will not only provide your business with the level of online exposure it deserves; it will enable you to focus your efforts on more important business-related tasks. Contact us today to find out more.

SEO at a Glance

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is most commonly referred to as is the name that is given to the various activities that are associated with helping a website to improve its current search engine rankings.

When search results are displayed on Google, links are provided to the pages that the search engine giant thinks are the most authoritative and relevant to the search term that was used. The level of authority given to a website is measured by analyzing the amount of links coming from other websites and the overall quality of them. More Info > >

Get your Site to Show in Google Search Results

High quality content is what will encourage other website owners to link to your site, while also showing Google that your content is authoritative and engaging. This is what results in your site ranking in Google search.

Google works by promoting authority pages to the very top of its ranking system, which means that it is your job as the website owner to ensure that you provide content that is useful, accurate and engaging. Over time, Google will acknowledge your high quality content, which will further boost your search engine rankings. The quickest way to improve your website’s search results is to provide readers with high quality content and make it as easy as possible for site visitors to share it.

In short, it is not only essential for you to take the time to find out what type of content your website visitors are looking for; you will need to ensure that you provide this to the best of your ability. If you are struggling with this though, why not chat with our experienced marketing team today? They will be more than willing to sit down with you and find out what will be needed to attract as many visitors to your website as possible on a constant basis.

If you have been wondering whether having SEO performed on your website will be the right thing to do for your business. However, if your business is one that needs more clients or you want to expand your current set of offerings, you will need to put an effective SEO strategy into place.

Our team will be able to implement the latest and most up to date SEO strategies into your online content to ensure that your business is as visible as possible to potential clients. More Info > >

Now that you know how crucial it is to have proper SEO performed on your website, you’ll most likely want to know how long the whole process will take to implement and what costs will be involved.

Although having SEO performed on your site will not generally be ‘cheap,’ it will be a worthwhile investment. However, generally speaking, the cost of having SEO performed can start from around $300 per month, and the length of time it will take depends on how much time will need to be spent implementing various SEO measures on your company website. More Info > >

Although there are numerous fundamentals that form the overall aspect of SEO, the two main aspects are written content and images.

Your site’s content must be well written and relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank for, but it also needs to be useful to visitors. When it comes to images, these should also be original and if not your own, correctly attributed to their original sources. It goes without saying that you must always obtain permission from the original owner of an image before using it on your own site.

When building links to your site, it is crucial to ensure that they come from other high quality sources. More Info > >

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website to ensure that maximum visibility is obtained for when local searches have been made. This is crucial for businesses that serve their local communities.

Some aspects of local SEO include having an up to date Google + business profile and obtaining customer reviews and local citations for your business. Our team is able to handle all of these aspects on your behalf to ensure that your business receives the level of local online recognition it deserves. More Info > >

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