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Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords and PPC Marketing requires a lot time and skill to get right. Let us check your site and campaigns out to see if we can save you money. Enter your site below.

Google Adwords and PPC Management Agency

If you are doing your own Adwords Management, then you are either neglecting your business or your are running a very inefficient PPC campaign.

That’s because to takes time and a lot of skill to get a decent return on your Adwords spend – especially if you are in a competitive industry. You may not even be getting a return on your PPC spend at all, in fact you may be wasting a lot of money.

Adwords really works. That’s why it can be expensive. The cost has been driven up by competition, meaning people are willing to pay so much because it’s so effective.

But your Adwords must be managed right. Talk to us today to find out what we can do.

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Why Should You Use Google Adwords?

Because you want the best traffic and you want it fast!

You probably already know that the Google Ads appear right up the top of the search engine, in prime position, which means you get seen first and get the more eager buyers. The traffic from a well managed Adwords campaign can be better than any other forms of marketing.

And you can start getting that business almost immediately. With things like SEO, you have quite a bit of lead time before you start seeing results. That’s just how the organic listings work. But Adwords can be turned on instantly, giving your business the boost you need now.

How Our PPC Management Services Work

Our Adwords Management Services are based on returning the highest ROI possible in the shortest possible time. We keep keywords tight in the beginning and build out from there to avoid waste – which if you have ever had any Adwords experience, you know can be common.

We also work in with your overall marketing strategy both offline and online. To be successful in today’s competitive online marketplace, you need everything to work together seamlessly and to be complimentary. We design and manage our adwords campaigns to work properly with your other marketing channels.

Here’s a brief outline of our Adwords Management process:

1. Create Your Adwords PPC Management Strategy

1. Your Adwords / PPC Strategy

We spend a lot of time up front planning your campaign and Adwords Management strategy based on your business goals.

If you have an existing Adwords campaign, we will review it and see what’s working and what’s not.

We put in the time to research the market and work out what keywords to target and what else needs to be built like landing pages etc. to ensure your ppc campaign is a success.

2. Campaign and PPC Ad Setup

2. Campaign and Ad Setup

Once we’ve agreed on a strategy, we get to work setting up your Adwords campaign, from choosing the keywords through to writing the ads and geographic targeting, we take care of everything.

We can set up any required landing pages for you on your site or on third party tools and we will set up any technical elements like re-marketing tags etc.

During setup, we also set up the tracking we need to keep a close eye on what’s going on with your site and campaigns.

3. Ongoing Adwords Campaign Optimisation

3. Ongoing Campaign Optimisation

Ongoing Adwords Management and optimisation is the key to keeping your PPC campaigns performing well and delivering a return.

As your spend and traffic increase, we collect valuable data that helps us optimise your campaigns and find new opportunities to acquire customers for you.

This also helps us find what’s NOT working and cut it from your campaigns.

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