Boost Business by Responding to Reviews

It was recently reported by Search Engine People that the amount of online reviews your business receives would have a direct effect on its Google rankings. Businesses that have more online reviews featuring their products and services will not only attract more back links to their websites; it will also go a long way in helping to attract more business and result in an increase in brand mentions.

In fact, research has revealed that up to 92% of consumers take the time to peruse online reviews, with a further 68% of them stating that they use positive reviews as a substantial trust factor.

Increasing Conversions by Responding to Online Reviews

Recently, Search Engine Land provided their findings with regards to review responses with regards to how they have an impact on “conversions.” Conversions are defined as client actions on a company’s website such as email enquiries, form completions; quote requests, membership signups etc.

Companies that have an average rating of almost five stars have been shown to receive up to 25% more conversions than those that were averaging just three stars. However, it’s also important to note that companies that respond most regularly convert up to 33% more visitors than those that don’t. Responding to reviews can even encourage reviewers to increase their ratings, which will in turn increase conversions and rakings even further.

Responses to Reviews are Expected by Consumers

Moz has also recently reported on a Google announcement from a few weeks back that customer expectations with regards to review responses are about to increase exponentially. Google has noted that it will be sending notifications to consumers when a company acknowledges and responds to their views, which will encourage them to view the reply and act accordingly (if applicable).

Research performed by RevLocal has also revealed that more than 50% of customers expect responses to their online reviews within seven days at most after posting them. However, with Google’s new rollout, this figure can be expected to increase substantially. Google’s announcement will certainly also raise the bar for all review platforms because it will make business responses to customer reviews an expected instead of additional effort.

It is crucial that all negative reviews be professionally addressed. When responding to these in a positive manner, it provides a clear indication that a company is dedicated to providing exceptional client service. Doing this can cause visitors to leave a bad review with a positive impression of the business in question.

Allow us to Assist you

If you are a small business owner, chances are that you simply don’t have the time or resources to monitor every single website that could be hosting reviews of your company. Without any assistance in this regard, you may not even find out about a particular review for weeks or even months after it has been posted.

Our team is able to provide you with this type of support, along with a subscription to PowerListings. This site provides a fantastic platform that can help your business obtain several citations with a consistent name, contact number and address – all of which are crucial when trying to obtain the best possible local search ranking. In addition, PowerListings is one of very few – if any – review sites that will immediately notify you when a new review of your company is posted online.

Most service-oriented businesses get excellent value for reviews on Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, Yahoo Local Listings and Twitter as well. PowerListings will immediately inform you whenever anyone reviews your business on any of these platforms, along with the many other local directories, search engines, apps and maps that it supports. PowerListings also enables you to request reviews from clients that will appear on your company’s website. When this is done, the relevant review stars in Google’s search results will then accompany the pages in question.

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