How SEO Works – 2 Main Fundamentals

Although there are in fact several other factors that are involved in determining the ranking of website in search results, the two that will be discussed below are the most important ones.


#1 – The Content on your Website


Your website content is what is going to let search engines know what your business is all about and it will also indicate how relevant you are to your particular industry as well as the key phrases used.


As a result, your content must always be highly relevant to the keywords and phrases you want to rank for and in the end, also the site visitors and traffic you’d like to acquire. Content must also be useful to anyone visiting your site and as well written as possible. It is also strongly recommended that you use other forms of media such as photos and/or videos to entertain site visitors.


The Main Elements of Website Content


#1 – Headings


Headings and sub-headings inform visitors and search engines what your website is all about. As a result, these must be clear and to the point, and you must also ensure that your web developer has used the correct heading tags (<h1>, <h2> and so on) because these don’t only style your site’s header text; they indicate that text as actual headings to the search engines.


Written Content


All text-based content on your site must be well written to ensure that search engines give it preference. Your content must also be 100% relevant to the keywords you want to rank for, while still being engaging enough for site visitors to want to read.


Images and Other Forms of Media


Adding relevant images and other forms of media to your site will help search engines give it a little more ‘weight’ so to speak. When images are loaded to your site, ensure that they are being done so with the appropriate descriptive ‘ALT’ tags, as this will help Google understand what they are about. Adding pictures and videos will also help ensure that site visitors remain engaged for as long as possible.


Title and Description Tags


Page Title:


This is one of the main SEO elements on any website’s pages. When referring to the page title, it isn’t the heading seen by visitors to your site; it’s the title within your actual page in the source code. Although not visible on the page, it will be seen in the top bar of web browsers and often as the title of the search engine listing where your page appears.


Description Meta Tag


Although this is not as important as the title tag, it should still be done correctly because it has a degree of influence on search engines when it comes to determining how relevant your site is. As a result, it will often be shown in the snippet section of search engine pages. Regarding anything to do with content, the main thing is that it should be useful to site visitors.


Links to your Website


Links coming in from sites that are relevant to yours will help improve your site’s ranking. Even when using moderately competitive search terms, having a few high quality links is crucial to your site’s SEO strategy.

Google ultimately decides what your website is about according to the content it finds on it, and any relevant links coming into it will be what pushes up your site’s ranking. A large part of someone’s job that will be performing SEO on your site will be acquiring good quality links to your website. However, they will need to remember that they will not be allowed to build links with the intention of trying to manipulate search results.


How to get Links


In short, create decent content and you will have other sites linking to yours. If you don’t comply with Google’s guidelines in this regard, your site will be penalized.


While you can also wait for other sites to link to yours, it is best to actively go out and start building them. When done correctly, Google will not penalize you in any way.


Will Good Content be Rewarded with Great Links?


Yes. However, it will need to be outstanding content to get the type of links you want from decent sources. If you are outsourcing your content creation, bear in mind that obtaining high quality content can be expensive.


Without an active link building campaign, your website may as well be dead, especially if you are a small to medium sized business. If you do decide to actively build website links, ensure that you make note of any links you acquire and ensure that they can be removed if your site is penalized for having unnatural links.


Although the practice of search engines using links to determine search rankings is by no means perfect, it is the most practical way to do so. If you would like to learn more about getting your site ranked online, contact our team today.