What is SEO?

Although the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization may leave you feeling overwhelmed, it’s merely a term used to refer to activity that attempts to improve your website’s rankings in search engine results.

When search results are displayed, Google shows links to those that it considers to be authoritative and relevant to the search term used. Your site’s authority is usually measured by analysing the amount and overall quality of links that are coming in from other websites. In short, your website has the ability to rank high in search results provided that other high quality web pages have linked to it.

Getting your Site to Appear in Google


High quality and relevant content is what will encourage other websites to link to yours and it will also show Google that your pages are authoritative and engaging. This results in search engine success because Google only wants to show results to websites that are interesting and relevant to visitor’s searches.

How Google Ranks Websites


Because Google will promote authoritative pages to the top of search rankings, meaning that it is your job as a website owner to create content that will become recognised as authority pages. This will involve compiling content that is useful, so that it can be shared on other blogs, in social media feeds and elsewhere online. Over time, Google will pick up that your website provides visitors with high quality content and it will rank your site accordingly.

A Quick Guide to Improving Search Results


  • Compile useful and interesting content that includes relevant keywords and phrases used by anyone who is searching for your services or products
  • Make it as convenient and easy as possible for your content to be shared online
  • Repeat


SEO is the basic activity of ensuring your website can be located in search engines for any phrases or words that are relevant to the content being offered by the site. In short, it is a form of quality control for website content.

When approaching some SEO companies to try and find out more about SEO, they will try to confuse you and have you believe that it is some sort of top-secret process. However, when working with us, we will explain everything relating to SEO in such a way that you will understand exactly what is going on, how it will be done and why it needs to be done.

Getting Links to your Site


Although it’s important to get links to your website, don’t fall for the adage of ‘the more, the better.’ Instead, you will need to focus on quality over quantity. It’s crucial to understand that having high quality content will significantly improve your chance of being able to secure organic links from relevant pages that are of a high quality.

Basically, if you have link-worthy website content, there is a strong chance that you will be able to secure decent quality links on your website.

Always be willing to do extensive research, as this will enable you to know and understand what type of content your customers are looking for as well. If you feel that your website is not performing or converting visitors to sales, get in touch with us today. We will be more than willing to help you.